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National Fitness Day: Why Exercise is Important for Your Health

September 21, 2022    0 COMMENTS


Today is National Fitness Day in the United States, and I’m excited about it! This holiday was created to encourage people to get out, run around outside, or try something new at the gym. Many people don’t realize, though, that exercise isn’t just good for your healthโ€”it helps you save money! That’s why I made this list of five ways to improve your health through exercise so you can see how easy it can be to improve your life with a few simple workouts and healthy eating habits.

Benefits Of Exercising

National Fitness Day gives people a chance to get moving. Participating in this day can help individuals exercise and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. On National Fitness Day, people can do many different exercises, including calisthenics, yoga, jogging, cycling, and more. For example, by participating in in this day, you might notice that your mood improves, indicating that you will be less stressed out.

Additionally, being active often leads to increased endorphins, which contribute to an overall feeling of happiness. The benefits don’t stop there; research has also shown that physical activity helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decrease depression symptoms among women who suffer from postpartum depression. When it comes to losing weight, one study found that those who worked out regularly had twice the weight loss success rate as those who did not work out at all. 

Not only does exercise benefit one’s health physically but mentally as well. It can improve mental clarity and focus while also helping relieve stress which means exercising may lead to better sleep patterns too! In conclusion, it’s easy to see why total fitness is essential with these 10 benefits!

National Fitness Day:How many exercises Do I Need?

For most adults, 150 minutes of exercise per weekโ€”the equivalent of 30 minutes, five times a weekโ€”is enough to provide substantial health benefits. If you’re starting with little or no physical activity in your routine, start small and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts as your body adjusts. 

A good guideline is to gradually move from two 20-minute sessions each week to at least three 20-minute sessions over a few months. Eventually, you may find that working out six days a week (180 minutes) delivers the same benefits as working out every day (300 minutes). As long as you’re reaching the recommended amount of weekly exercise, don’t worry about how often you work out. Some people like to get their fitness on multiple times a day, while others prefer spacing it out. The important thing is that you’re doing somethingโ€”and doing it well!

Tips For Getting Started

No matter what type of workout routine you choose, starting with something low-intensity is always a good idea so your body can get used to the exercise. With that said, here are some tips for getting started on your fitness plan! 1) Figure out what type of activity will work best for you. 2) Find an activity buddy to keep you motivated and accountable. 3) Start small and increase your intensity and duration if needed. 

4) Set realistic goals – don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much too soon. 5) Be sure to include rest days when appropriate – even though it might be tempting, try not to go back at it full force right after a break or day off (too much all at once can lead to injury). 6) Finally, don’t forget about nutrition! Eating healthy will help your workout efforts pay off better than before! Eating healthy foods gives your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its peak while working out. As I mentioned earlier, include plenty of protein in your diet. Protein helps maintain muscle mass while burning fat, which means more lean muscle and fewer fat cells!

You also want to ensure you eat enough carbohydrates during your workout session. Carbohydrates provide energy for muscles and brain function. Additionally, these carbs will replenish any sugar stores you’ve burned off during training so that you’re ready for your next session later in the day or evening! Don’t neglect those vegetables either- they’ll give you long-lasting energy without weighing down those muscles from fatigue like simple sugars would because they have a lower glycemic index.

Working Out At Home

If you can’t get to the gym, there are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy. Start by assessing what’s going on in your home environment. If you want to work out in your living room, move the couch or any furniture to the walls so that the space is clear.

 If you’re working out with a friend, rearrange the chairs in your dining room, so they’re close, or move one of your dining tables into the living room. Alternatively, use exercise balls as a makeshift couch and have them available in other rooms. Exercise balls offer a balance challenge that’s great for posture and activate multiple muscle groups when used correctly. They come in different sizes and weights, making them perfect for beginners or those looking to build their strength.

 If you can’t change your furniture or have rooms you don’t use, then use them as places to do sit-ups and crunches. You can also work out with dumbbells and resistance bands using a doorway. For example, stand on one leg while lifting weights against a door frame, hold both ends of a resistance band above your head in opposite hands or place it under your feet while sitting up against a wall. Stand with feet together and lift one leg to 45 degrees before pressing back into starting position. This works out both legs at once!

Find The Right Gym For You

A gym can be a great place to meet new people and socialize, but the right one is essential. If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, here are some pointers on finding the right gym.

Make sure it’s in a convenient location. Whether that means your home or work, being too far away from the gym could discourage you from getting there regularly. Find out when they open and what their schedule looks like, and ensure that you’ll be able to attend consistently with your current schedule.

 If you’re starting, don’t worry about all of these things. Just find a place that offers a variety of classes and equipment so you can test out various workout styles to find what works best for you. The important thing is making sure it’s accessible, affordable, and offers everything you need in a gym. Most gyms have a free trial membership, so use that to ensure your gym fits your needs before signing on any dotted lines.

Weight Training Programs – Second Paragraph: Once you’ve found an excellent fit for you personally, stick with it! Sticking with your new workout plan is by far one of the essential parts of making healthy lifestyle changes last long-term.

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