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How to get Fit with Elevated Fitness

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Elevated Fitness is the latest trend in Fitness, and it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular in a short amount of time. Using innovative concepts, this exercise can help anyone get fit from the comfort of their home or office. But what makes daily Fitness different from traditional exercise methods? How can you use elevated Fitness to help you reach your fitness goals? Keep reading below to learn more about this revolutionary form of exercise and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.

What is Elevated Fitness?

Elevated Fitness is a studio that offers specialized workouts for all experience levels, including traditional cardio, weightlifting, and mobility classes. They believe in the power of Fitness as a catalyst for change, which drives them to be an active force within the Charlotte community.

Elevated offers 30-minute classes on weekdays during lunch hour and evenings on most days of the week. I want to show you some essential details about how this studio can help you achieve your desired outcome! I’ve compiled a list of what I think are some reasons why you should consider joining Elevated Fitness:

  • You’ll have access to knowledgeable instructors that will guide you through their workout sessions.
  • You’ll have more energy throughout the day because working out releases endorphins (happy hormones!) into your body.
  • You’ll gain more confidence because those endorphins also release serotonin, which gives you feelings of happiness.

The Benefits of Elevated Fitness

It is a new way of looking at your workout; it combines the best of everything for a more innovative and efficient workout. It is an all-in-one strength and cardio machine that gets you into prime shape in as little time as possible. With 18 different exercises to choose from, plus 3 levels of difficulty, you’re never bored. And it’s portable, so there’s no excuse for skipping a workout! Check out what this incredible invention can do: * Bikes are rigid on your back; Elevates bikes so your posture is perfect and saves your back from unnecessary strain * Strength training without lifting weights?

Yep! We use those handles in ways you never thought possible! * Need to warm up? Start with the StairMaster! Once your muscles loosened up, move onto one of the many weight machines or free weights. Finally, finish with some toning and stretching exercises – we have plenty of options for both! There’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself after a great workout – Elevated Fitness can make that happen!

Exercises for an Elevated Workout

Lunges: Place your hands on the railing for balance, keeping your back straight and bending at the knee. Squeeze your quads as you return to a standing position. Start with 2 sets of 20 repetitions per leg, adding 10 reps each week until you reach 50 repetitions per leg. -Push-ups: Push up from the ground to a high plank position, then lower yourself back down, pushing through your palms into the ground while activating your core.Your hips should remain above your shoulders at all times; start by doing sets of 15 repetitions before increasing incrementally until you do 4 sets of 30 repetitions

Side Lunges: Stand sideways facing away from the railings, place one hand on them for stability and extend your other arm out in front of you. Take a big step to one side, bending both knees, so your thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to a standing position and repeat on another side. You can increase the intensity by holding weights or dumbbells (start the light!). Aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side with 10 extra reps every workout.

The importance of diet

Eating a balanced diet is the key to Elevated Fitness and in turn, that leads to being in optimal physical condition. A recent study by Cornell University revealed that diets lower in sugar are good for losing weight as they help manage diabetes. The study found that reducing sugar consumption led to a reduction in body fat and decreased LDL levels (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) and HDL levels (the ‘good’ cholesterol). Food are high in carb not help you get fit; however, complex carbohydrate like grain or bean contain highe amount of fiber than simple carbohydrate like sugar or flour, help your digest.

Carbohydrat limit to about one-third of your total calorie intake. However, if you exercise regularly, then it would be advisable to consume more carbohydrate-containing foods because this will give you the energy needed for a rigorous daily workout routine. Fat does not make us fat: We all know that saturated fats from animals, such as bacon and butter, can contribute to obesity if eaten too often, yet we tend to overlook plant fats when thinking about the calories we consume daily

Although plant-based ois do contain unsaturat fat, it show that monounsaturate fat do help reduce cholesterol, while polyunsaturate fat protect our cell from damage and death. Monounsaturate oil include olive oil and peanut oil, while polyunsaturate come from thing like avocado,nuts, and seeds.

The importance of planning

Plann is the first and most important step to get fit. You have to have a specific goal, whether it’s weight loss or another goal like muscle gain. Once you know what you want, the next step is finding a workout routine to help you reach your goal.

There are tons of different exercises and workouts available for just about every goal, but we recommend you speak with someone who knows their way around a gym before starting any new routines. It is always essential to take care of yourself by eating correctly! Paying attention to what you eat can make all the difference in how your body looks and feels.

Mixing up your routine

Fitness routines can get monotonous and not only lead you down a path of no return, but they can also become tiresome. Remember, when it comes to finding a workout routine right for you, there are plenty of options, and you need to be willing to explore the vast world of possibilities. One way people mix up their workouts is by incorporating aerial yoga into their exercise routines. Yes, really!

While aerial yoga isn’t quite like your typical yoga practice on the ground, it still helps strengthen your core while teaching better body awareness, balance, and coordination – all incredible things regarding physical wellness. 

Final Thought

There are ups and down in life, and no matter how high you rise, there will always be moments where the whole world is on your back. At these times, it’s important to remember that we’re only human. It’s time to work smarter, not harder; you need a plan that includes ways to elevate yourself in ways other than physical exercise.

Remember the importance of a healthy mental state: find a therapist or psychologist who can help you navigate challenging times. This person will help keep your mood regulated while also teaching you skills that will increase your performance in all areas of life. If this is too much for your budget, try doing therapy without insurance using many therapy apps.

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